Mycloud basic help please

Hi all, i do not find the my cloud menu etc intuitive to use so need some basic help pls. I have plugged in and followed the set up by using my pc, i then down loaded the app on my phone and tablet. They all can see the shared folders etc. HOWEVER how do i get a movie from my phone onto the mycloud drive so i free up my space on my phone etc. I just dont understand if i am supposed to upload  download or what i am supposed or how to it do, good product but hard to use.  Could someone help pls thanks.

I might be out of my depths here, but don’t you have the possibility to upload through the share-button? On Apple this is a square with an arrow inside pointing upwards. Sometimes, though, you might have to click “More…” and activate MyCloud first. Again: this is on Apple. Unfortunately I haven’t used Android since I installed the My Cloud-unit…


On the Android version of the WD My Cloud app one can upload files by navigating to the location on the WD My Cloud where they want to upload the file, then select the menu icon from the upper right corner (three vertical dots) then select upload. For the WD Photo app (again for Android) there is an upload icon on the main screen where you select the WD My Cloud you want to connect to.

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Hi thanks for the replys think they are nudging me in the right direction. My phone and tablet are android. I have now managed to upload photo by selecting the three dot button then upload thank you. I am just a bit unsure of the share option does that  mean the original files stays on the device and when i acces it from another device it just routes to orig device or does share mean a copy is put on the mycloud drive? Soz but i  find it all a bit confusing. 

upload or automatic backup from the phone or tablet is just a copy. After you verify it on the mycloud you could delete it from the phone or tablet.

be sure to always have at least 2 copies of any files you care about on different devices and better yet in different locations. all computer storage devices will fail, mistakes and disasters do happen.