Some things I haven't found out


I got the mirror 4tb yesterday and have already figured out many functions.

But some details are not clear to me, so I hope you can help me!

I number the individual questions, so you can refer to it.

One of my favorite functions is the app “photo” for android, which uploads automatic my photos of the mobile to the cloud, when I am in WLAN. It is similar to dropbpx and its app.

  1. I could not choose where this photos are stored. They are located in “public” under my name. Why is that so? I have no chance to permit users this folder and forbid them to see my mobile photos.

I actually have disabled nearly all network services, till I need them. I haven’t found out exactly how it works, but I have a connection with the android cloud app from the internet to my mirror data. I think the mirror does registry itself to a WD server and the app does the same so after that the connection is established.

  1. Is the public folder rechable in the internet, if anybody knews just some facts like my e-mail adress?

  2. Can I choose, that a path like public isn’t rechable to the internet?

  3. Can I open a new share, that is only rechable per ftp not with windows samba?

  4. Can I do a backup to a ftp target anyway?

  5. A folder which is not accessible by any user and is not open as public seems to have no pysical folder. So I can’t choose it as a target for backups. Is that normal or am I wrong?

I have connected three 2,5" harddisks with a usb hub to the mirror. When I give a new device name to one harddisk in the dashboard, and then power off and on the hub, the harddisk has its orininal name

  1. Is it a bug or a feature? :slight_smile:

  2. If I use the media server function: Will my android tablet be able to play a mkv with dts in original (directly does not function), because the mirror does any kind of convertion?

I think I have many more questions because I really want to use the mirror in many ways, but its enough for the first, so it won’t be a too long list…

Thanks in advance to all people who answers!

  • Flo
  1.  Not sure, because I don’t use Android, but I don’t think so (with the Photo app.)  But you can choose with the WD My Cloud app.

  2. No.

  3. Nothing is available via generic internet access.

  4. No.

  5. No.

  6. I’m not sure what you’re asking.

  7. Neither.  The dashboard name change is only in effect for as long as the disk is connected.    Rebooting the drive forces the USB devices to disconnect.   When the drive reboots, the drive is reconnected so it reverts to its volume name. If you want the name to change permanently, you need to actually rename the volume using your computer.

  8. The Mirror does not do any conversion.

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Thank you very much for so quick answer so many questions!

To 6): Its ok, it is just something I have recognized so.

To 7) Sounds simpel, but the volume name in den dashoboard and so the share itself seems like a technical name of the harddisk, not the name I have given it under windows.

To 8) If it is so, I just want to aks, what exactly is the advantage of a media server? I think it is only a specialised way to stream media in contrast to connect to a samba share?

Hello Pffzah - welcome to the forum. I just want to answer your question number 4. I actually will say yes to your question…it is possible to enable a folder only for ftp but not for Samba access. It is not a documented feature but yes, very much doable, if you so choose to designate a folder for ftp only access. And it’s not too complicated either but you cannot do it via the user-friendly dashboard. You’ll have to SSH in and make some simple edits. But be aware that those changes will be wiped out everytime the Mirror is rebooted (manually or automatically after a firmware update…but you can always set your firmware update to manual install).

I will tell you later, if you are interested, how to go about doing that, as I am in a rush right now. I do want you to be aware of something more important first. Mirror, just like EX2, has ftp functionality broken out of the box, because of a bug in FTP config from dashboard. WD has been promising me of a fix for 4+ months now…don’t know when that fix will arrive in the firmware. But there is a manual workaround to overcome the bug, but again you’ll need to apply this change via SSH…and this fix will persist even after a reboot.

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Thanks for your answer! The possibility over ssh sounds interesting, but if you want to save time, I don’t need the answer really. The contra you wrote, that it will lost this config after restart is not usable for me.

But again thanks for the opportunity!

Understood…but be aware that you’ll be very rarely rebooting your Mirror. And there is a way to minimize the work by backing up one of the edited file…so on the very rare occasion that you do need to bring back the changes after a reboot, you just have to ssh in and overwrite one file with the backed up version. But that’s fine, if you don’t think that’s for you.

And if you are interested about the ftp bug workaround (which persists after reboots), see my post here ->

Another tip I’d say here…if you are searching for answers to some question, don’t just use the search feature in this sub-forum, but also search in the EX2 subforum. The EX2 is very similar to the Mirror in terms of hardware and software. And since the EX2 came out about 2-2 1/2months before Mirror, more questions have been asked about the EX2 than the mirror. Same goes for EX4 too, which came out almost 5-6 months before EX2…but the EX4 is a bit more different than the EX2 and Mirror, and not just the number of drive bays but the processor as well.

And btw, if someone answers your question (not saying I have but Tony has), it’s a good idea to thank them by giving them a kudo by clicking on the star right below their username, on the left side of the post that answered that question. And you’ve already done the other part…marking a post as a solution…that benefits other community members if they have same question/issue as you.

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Thanks again for your explaination!

In future, I search the Ex2 Forum too! And giving kudos!

Know my time is short the next days, after that, I will continue my discover of the mirror and for shure generate more ideas and questions :slight_smile: