Duplication of photos and videos from my mobile

Hi, I bought the My Cloud Home just after Christmas and only just got round to installing it a couple of days ago. Unfortunately I may be regretting either a) not getting round to installing it earlier so I could return to the shop I bought it from or b) buying it all together.

I’m not a tech expert but WD highlights many times online and on the packaging how simple this product is to use. Maybe I’m not doing something right, although when I’ve searched the web for this problem it seems to have existed for a long time already so maybe it’s just not a great product.

So I’ve only linked my mobile to the device so far and I’ve selected auto backup. I have nearly 4000 photo’s that my phone started transferring straight away, great I thought, but it seems now it’s finished, instead of only transferring new photo’s or videos it’s started transferring them all again. For now I’ve switched off auto backup but does anyone know if there is a way to stop this from happening please? Leaving auto backup switched off seems completely pointless in the long run as that’s the whole idea of the product.

If anyone can give any advice, or if WD themselves could tell me where I’m going wrong, it would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks