Mobil Android App 4.4.1 Wont backup photos

When I first installed My Cloud 4TB and the android app on our Samsung S3, synch worked perfectly. Anything I shot on the phone atomagically went to the desgnated area on the WD when I got back to my wifi coverage area. But for the last two months nothing happens - it just silently stopped. Oh, I can copy and paste photos manually from the phone to the cloud – that gets logged as activity and does work properly. But the automatic synch just stopped – but is still shown as enabled in settings. Be nice if there was a way to force it. Even better if it complained about why it won’t work.

What OS is on your Samsung S3?

Android 4.4.2.

Two months? That would be about the time of the OS3 rollout and major changes to remote access…

Have you updated the MyCloud app?

It gets automatic updates. ‘4.4.1’ is the version that shows in app
manager. But I have manually reinstalled it since I noticed it wasn’t


Yes, sorry; I didn’t read the thread title…