New WD Smartware Version not seeing OneDrive folder?

I just installed the latest Smartware version (the one without Dropbox), and for some reason, when I select the folders for backup, my OneDrive directory is not visible in the app to select. All other folders are. Was this an intentional decision to omit it from the software, and if so, where can I download the previous version?

What version do you have?
Mine is,
image .

Mine is backed up, see example images below from my computer and I use SmartWare.

It’s the same one, do you not have this problem?

I have not had any problems using SmartWare. I do a category backup, not a file backup.

I have the same issue. I have used WD SmartWare to backup my OneDrive for 2 years without any issues, and I just noticed that it can no longer see my OneDrive folder. I think it might have to do with one of the recent security updates from Microsoft. I sent a Tech Support message to WD this morning.

I have the same issue. I actually have two PCs, both running same version of Windows 10, on one PC Smartware finds all folders under C drive, including OneDrive, but on the other PC it finds everything EXCEPT OneDrive. All settings seem to be identical, but it just won’t see Onedrive. What gives?
Any solutions?

I think this was caused by the changes in Windows Fall update to OneDrive.
Some other vendors have implemented proper support (like Acronis and
Easeus) but SmartWare hasn’t. I’ve since abandoned it and bought Easeus
Backup for cheap.

I received an email response from tech support simply saying that Smartware never supported OneDrive. I agree that the Windows Update changed something with OneDrive that Smartware can not recognize. I wonder if there is a way to change the settings of the OneDrive folder to make it recognizable by Smartware?

Yeah that’s just not true, it always worked fine. I don’t think they understand, they might think you mean support like they had for Dropbox.

Agreed - it’s always worked previously (and still does on one computer). I’ve tried all the settings I can customise on OneDrive but no joy. Presumably I could just do manual Cut & Paste of the OneDrive folders on to My Book?

After WD Tech support punted my to Microsoft, I had a Microsoft tech call me today. He had me update all the WD software, which did nothing. He is going to follow up on Monday.

I downloaded EaseUS Todo Backup Free. It is a free backup utility that is able to see and backup the OneDrive folder. Even the paid version is only $29 and you get significantly more functionality than the WD backup programs. Unfortunately WD can’t provide a backup application for their $400 hard drives that other companies provide for free. Instead of accepting the limitations of their software they make excuses and blame Microsoft. I am a self employed civil engineer, and if I were to lose my data my business would close and I would go bankrupt. Having an external copy of my data is not optional it is imperative. Disappointing that WD doesn’t see this as a problem.

I did the same, had a promo code and only paid 17 canadian. Not happy with
WD support at all.

I added a test folder to my user account named “1Drive” and placed a word test document inside. My WD Passport picked up this folder when I ran a backup. I’ll check with the local Microsoft store tomorrow to see if I can add a “1” to my OneDrive folder – 1OneDrive – without messing up the sync with the OneDrive cloud account. Just be accident I discovered my files haven’t been backing up to my WD My Passport 4tb drive since October-November last year. I just bought it today thinking my WD My Passport 4tb drive that I bought late last year was failing. Over the years, I’ve purchased 7 WD pocket drives and have had no issues. This is a major disappointment.

Has this issue been resolved by WD yet? There’s going to be a lot of disappointed consumers when they find out their OneDrive is no longer backing up or syncing OneDrive files. I’ve been a great fan of WD and in my opinion they have had one of the simplest integrated platforms to backup and sync files. But now it’s pretty much worthless if I can’t backup OneDrive files.

Thanks for the messages, I just realized that my onedrive folders are no longer recognized and not being backed up. I’ve been using syncback free, and same thing happening there – scary that my files were not backed up on the hard drive. I’ll go look for the option listed above, thanks. WD – not a great customer experience!

Is there a third-party backup software allowing me to backup my MS OneDrive to my WDMyCloud?


Came over this thread when realizing that the onedrive-folder and its content was not backed up to the WD external drive (just bought).

I am using WD Backup. A work-around for me seems to work; when choosing the various folders to backup - deselect the main onedrive-folder, but select all sub-folders within the onedrive-folder that you want to backup. After doing this the content shows up on the WD external drive. This workaround does mean that files added just to the onedrive-folder will not be backup up - but that can easily me addressed by adding a “All files here-folder” and select this folder.

*Edit: one year after… well well - hope it helps anyway :slight_smile: *