WD Smartware too bulky; WD Backup only offers Dropbox

Hi. I’ve just essentially rebuilt my PC. I now have 2 SSDs and 3 HDDs internally. 9GB of space on the Hard drives. One of them has movies on it. A lot of movies. Smartware appears to have copied the folders off of the internal drive to one of my 2 externals; but completely separate from the folders already there. A year ago, I copied the files from the external drive to na internal drive. I’ve since added new files to the internal and want to back them up incrementally (only new files). Smartware doesn’t seem to do this. I go to WD Backup, and no matter what I’ve tried, when I go to create a backup plan the only target device I get is Dropbox. Neither of my 2 WD External drives is discovered. I have a WD Elements 107C and a My book 1110. The only files currently on the one I am should be the original folders containing the files; however it’s about 350GB of data. The properties tab says it has 580GB of used space, even after I deleted the folder Smartware made. If I can’t get this drive I have just for backing up movies to work, and i can’t even decide to use the other one they are useless to me. What can I do? I’ve already deleted/uninstalled Smartware.


I recommend you contact Support about this.

Thank you. As I’m trying to get as much information as I can, I thought maybe it was a driver issue, but Windows 10 can’t find anything more up to date. I looked at the WD software page and got WD Drive Utilities. When I open it, it only shows my 1TB My Book and NOT the 4TB WD Elements drive. Both are identified properly in Windows as external. I’m at a loss when WD software won’t work with WD products. I’m still going to open a support ticket, but am going to post here in case someone else has had any of these issues and can offer advice.