New Firmware - Version 1.04.18_B for the WD TV Live Plus (2/3/11)

WD is happy to announce our latest firmware update for the WD TV Live Plus Media Player.  


Please post your experiences in this thread.


If you already have the previous 1.04.17_B release installed, is there any benefit / need to install this re-release?

In other words, is this pretty much the same functionally?

Sorry, my mistake. A typo.

Whoopie, all they did was make the beta permanent.  How about fixing all the stuff that is still broken with .17 and .18, like shuffle?

bill_s wrote:

Sorry, my mistake. A typo.

I am not sure what you mean by this. What exactly is the typo. Is this a new ‘official’ release? Is it exactly the same as the 1.04.17 Beta?

If nothing else has changed, and nothing else has been fixed, then what is the point of posting all of the same problems that have existed since 1.04.10 in this thread again? The WD Engineers can use the thread that we already have made detailing all of the problems with the player.

Summary of WD Problems

It is nice that they fixed the two problems mentioned on the product update page, but personally, I can not believe that WD has released another firmware update without fixing the VOB stuttering issues. Who ever heard of a media player that can’t play a DVD?

Scandy wrote:

bill_s wrote:

Sorry, my mistake. A typo.

I am not sure what you mean by this. What exactly is the typo. Is this a new ‘official’ release? Is it exactly the same as the 1.04.17 Beta?

He originally typed 1.04.17_B (the release that got pulled) instead of 1.04.18_B.

The results from the 1.04.18_B Beta release must have been deemed promising enough to make it a Stable release.

Thanks PixelPower. So is this release exactly the same as the 1.04.18 Beta?

If they’re using the same number, it’ll be the same firmware.  

Or at least, I hope so, cos otherwise it would just be confusing.  ;)

This new update still hasn’t fixed the stutter when i play VOB files shared from my computer. About 3 versions ago there was no stutter. I have seen a lot of complaints on this board about this problem but it seems that WD has no intent to fix this. I’m stuck with a device that doesn’t do what it should be doing and no support from WD to make it better. Definitely won’t recommend WD for support, ability to execute, customer satisfaction, timeliness of response,…

1.04.18_B has been out for a while. This is 1.04.18 without the B (beta) right ?

Same file, just renamed. ?

B means Live Plus, not BETA… Same file, same name… It’s just now on the auto update server and in the main weboages.

Is the Netflix sound problem fixed? Nothing mentioned about it (in fact, with limited exception this board has totally ignored it).

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Netflix Canada is still broken

GregAmy wrote:

Is the Netflix sound problem fixed? Nothing mentioned about it (in fact, with limited exception this board has totally ignored it).

Looking at the release notes for 1.04.18, these are the only changes:

Resolved Issues: 

•   Resolved USB FW update issue found in 1.04.17_B. 
•   Resolved issue with Airlink Golden 150 and D-link DWA 131 Wifi adaptors not working 
    with 1.04.17_B.

Unless WD has fixed something else and not documented it (I don’t think so)  nothing else has changed. All of the problems, including the VOB stuttering issue, are still there. As I said earlier, it is hard to believe that a product that calls itself a media player can not play a DVD (unless it is in an ISO format).

  1. Does this fix the wireless USB adaptor issue …are all the adaptors on the supported list, supported again ? i’m

     using a ASUS USB-N13 adapter, which worked flawlessly for me with 1.04.10B

  1. i never upgraded to 1.04.17B after reading all the problems. When i first got my Live Plus unit, it took a few iterations

     through the net to upgrade to the latest version at the time, for whatever reason, it didn’t just take the latest one (why is

    that?)  …anyway…   now, if i do this through the net, is it going to first install 1.04.17B first ? …i can’t do this else i’ll lose my

    wireless net  connection …or is best to just upgrade via disk …thanks !

arrow201, I still have version 1.03.49 installed because of VOB stuttering issues. When I power my WD box on, it says that new firmware is available. When you select that option, on the next screen it tells you your current firmware version and what version it is going to upgrade to.

In the past it has always upgraded incrementally, however this time it offers to upgrade me from 1.03.49 directly to 1.04.18. So it sounds like that is what you were hoping for.

I don’t know if it will fix your adapter issue. I posted the release notes in the post just before yours, so you know about as much as anyone else. I guess you will have to try it to find out. As i said, I have to stick with 1.03.49 because of stuttering issues.

Scandy, thank you for your reply, i must have forgot that your given the upgrade version. i will hold off for awhile since

the current version is working fine. i’m just a bit concerned because whenever i turn on the unit, it gives me a

“New version available” message and even though i’ve told everyone in the house not to upgrade, i know someone is

going to mistakenly do it  sometime :)  …and i’d prefer not to have to go through the hoops of rolling back

Maybe I should look upon this as a good thing.  Moving .18 from beta to production could mean they are “freeing up” the space for a new beta.  Hard to type with my fingers crossed.


Are you talking about netflix having no sound when playing netflix videos? I had this same problem and reset my box to fix it but it came back,

What I eventually did to fix it was check my time and date settings finally and noticed I had set my box to the wrong time zone settings and once I fixed that the volume came back to my netflix videos.

I don’t know if this is a permanent fix as the family is using it at the moment and I can’t see if the problem came back or not but you could check your settings to see if you have the right time zone set on your box as well as DST set or not and see if that fixes the problem.

So, again nothing seens to have been fixed with the stuttering issues for VOB and MKV. I would like to be able to use all of the internet media changes that 1.04 brought, but NONE of my movies play after upgrading. Stop with the one USB wireless adapter that does not work and fix the one thing that this box was meant to do, PLAY MOVIES!!! How does a firmware update break something that was working perfectly fine. I am using 6 month old firmware, waiting, and waiting and waiting. Boxee Box is slowly making ths box obsolete, and although boxee has it problems also AT LEAST IT CAN PLAY LOCALLY STORED MOVIES.