New Firmware for 2nd generation My Cloud is available for download

New Release - My Cloud OS 3 Firmware Version 2.41.116 (12/01/2020) - Announcements & Discussions / News & Announcements - WD Community

At this time I have not been able to find, download and install this new Firmware.

Four days later still no updated firmware for the single bay v2.x My Cloud even though the announcement includes the v2.x single bay model. Makes one wonder if they made a typo in the announcement and the single bay shouldn’t have been included, or found an issue with the firmware on the single bay unit.

Edit to add: Just noticed another thing. The title for the announcement says firmware version 2.41.116 (12/01/2020) but the text of the announcement states WD is happy to announce the release of Firmware 2.40.157.

Thanks, I’ll keep checking back. I have moved on to other things.

The updated firmware link was not there yesterday when I made my post. LOL At least WD finally got around to adding it.

@dswv42 Thank you. I can do the update now.

Update: Firmware has been updated.

What else is new? -Edited- Moved to off topic discussion.

Other than just complaining, not sure what this has to do with either the single bay/single drive My Cloud which is the general subject of this (My Cloud) subforum. Or what is has to do with with the several days later posting of the updated firmware for the second generation single bay My Cloud units after announcing there is new firmware for that specific unit.

Thanks for trolling. How about that firmware!!!

I’ve got two identical 8TB My Cloud NASes bought at the same time. Woke up this morning to find that the firmware had updated on both of them. One works fine, the other now says there’s no room left on the drive and all the shares and user accounts have disappeared.

Just complaining, not looking for an answer. I suspect there isn’t one.