New Release Firmware 2.11.133 (1/27/2016)

For the new My Cloud units Firmware 2.11.133 (1/27/2016) has been released.

Release Notes
Manual Download Link:

What’s new!
• Resolved issue of unable to connect to device while syncing/uploading files from multiple clients
• Resolved issue of unable to access dashboard
• Resolved issue of media crawler crash during resizing certain images
• Resolved issue of incorrect credential message when opening dashboard after onboarding from
• Resolved issue of misleading Power Supply “Failure” alert text on the WebUI
• Improved analytics logging support

Hi, thank you very much for sharing this, hopefully will be useful for users looking for this information.

Hi lluna,

As a moderator, maybe you could remind WD to post ‘official’ update notices when new firmware is rolled out…

Hi, actually Bill posted something about it. New Release - My Cloud Product Firmware Versions (1/27/16)

Yes, but it’s not on the MyCloud forum. Like all the previous notifications have been, including the last one, pinned to the top.

I have enough trouble reading the MyCloud forum, without having to read other random forums…

Thanks for the reply; I’ll try not to shoot the messenger…

I thought I would take a look at this version of software. WD changed the format of the firmware
file. The old format was a .deb file. The new format for the Gen2 is .bin. I can find no information on how to extract the data from this file.


The problem is that not everyone (I’d wager pretty much 90% or more) who have a My Cloud will not see that announcement. Most who have WD My Cloud problems or who are seeking information will come straight to this subforum and not bother with the News & Announcements subsection where that announcement thread is located, or clicking on Latest, New or Unread.

The way to improve or solve this issue (which has been brought up before) is for WD to cross link or cross post one thread into multiple subforums. We have the same problem with the WD software used on the My Cloud with people posting updates here (and WD removing or moving them) but others (or WD) posts updates to one of the subfourms in WD Software & Mobile Apps.

has there been other changes in this firmware? My performance with my mac has plummeted since installing this firmware. I see no performance changes from a windows system. Both are on the same ethernet switch as the my cloud device.

I did some timing using the new firmware. Previously, I did not notice poor performance.

I have a mac and a windows system on the same ethernet switch with the my cloud, in addition, there is another pc on a wireless network, all are local ip addresses.

Between the mac and the pc that is on ethernet copying an 18MB file is about .3 seconds. Between the pc and the my cloud copying the same file it was so fast that windows explorer never had a chance to show the status window.

Copying the same file from the my cloud to my mac took 8 minutes and 41 seconds!!!

Copy from my mac to the pc on the wireless took about 1.5 seconds.

It seems there is something seriously wrong with performance on apple file systems with this new firmware.

I found the problem, it is quikfynd. When I disable it, my performance goes back to what it was before.

Bottom line: quikfynd is not ready.

To help others, where was quikfynd located and how did you stop it.

Quikfynd is an app you can enable from the ‘apps’ console ‘tab’. One must enable it by clicking on the ‘+’ symbol at the lower right of the apps currently enabled list.

To disable quikfynd, simply turn it off on the ‘Recurrence’ setting.

I should of added, this problem with quikfynd only happens with Macs. My PC had no performance issues at all. But
since I do the far majority of work from my Mac the performance penalty was unacceptable.

I am assume it is an interaction issue with AFP, as neither the cpu nor memory was consumed when quikfynd was enabled.

I did this update to my EX2 and I can not seem to get my DLNA server to work after. I have rebooted the system a few times and it is not working. I see it under network places for about 5 mins then it disappears. can anyone help me?

Please note that this subforum is primarily for the single bay My Cloud units. WD has released an updated version of the single bay My Cloud that uses v2.x firmware. For the EX2 unit you may want to search or ask in the dedicated EX2 subforum.

That said, if the EX2 is anything like the My Cloud units one can check the Twonky settings via http://<wdmycloud name>:9000

Sorry about that I do have a single bay 3TB cloud that also stopped working after the firmware update my DLNA server shows up then disappears. it also does not show up under my network places. I can get to the cloud from the web interface and can manual map the drives but its odd I cant seem to get it to work like before the update.

I had an iomega USB drive hung off of the USB port on the My Cloud. For some reason I wondered if that was at fault. I took it off and hung it on my Mac. The drive is working just fine, but the quikfynd issues I had have gone away.

The CPU load on the My Cloud is even lower that it was and performance in all respects has improved greatly.

Does anyone know if there an issue with using a non-WD drive on the USB port?


Will this help? Oh, and sorry for not posting it here.