New EX4 not powering on

I have a brand new EX4 that during setup was inadvertantly turned on with no drives installed.  The system powered up and displayed the “Welcome to WD My Cloud EX4” message.  A few seconds later the fans turned off and the power LED went out.  Now when the EX4 is plugged in, it immediately goes to the “Welcome to WD My Cloud EX4” message but the power LED light never comes on.  It is simply unresponsive.

Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.

Hello and welcome to the WD community.

Have you tried connecting the power adapter on the secondary power port to see if it works. Also try to connect the power directly the wall outlet in case the unit is not getting enough power.

The unit is plugged directory into the wall outlet.  Plugging the power cord into the second power input results in the same behavior.  The “Welcome to WD My Cloud EX4” immediately displays but none of the status LEDs turn on including the power LED.  Pressing any of the buttons (power, reset, etc) have no effect.

In case anyone is interested, I called technical support who, after a few tests, declared the unit DOA.  I am returning it and hoping that the replacement unit will function properly.  Good night all.

It seems to be the front button that is not working

I’ve got exactly the same problem. Updated the firmware this afternoon from the file off the website and now the EX4 just displays the ‘Welcome’ screen and none of the buttons work and the reset procedure doesn’t work. Plugging it directly into the wall doesn’t do anything either! This is the second time this has happened!!! Starting to loose patience with this device!

Any ideas?

same to me here …awaiting send back for RMA !!!