WD My Cloud EX4 will not boot at all

Hello, so I’m having a problem with my mycloud ex4. I noticed it was not working properly all of a sudden. The unit was constantly rebooting and while I was looking on it accidentally tripped over for the wire and pulled the power supply out. When I went to plug it back in now it will flash nothing will get displayed and is pretty much completely bricked. Does anyone know of a way that I could get the unit restarted? Ive tried both power ports but I can’t get the thing to start. If not does anyone know if the PSU can be replaced? Or should I just consider the unit dead at this point?

Hi Techbrewer,

It seems that My Cloud is in System Consistency Check phase. It is recommended to leave the device connected to the power socket until the LED turns into solid blue.
If the drive stuck in blinking LED state, the device might be faulty and need to contact WD Support.

toss it.