My Cloud EX4 Not Booting Up, Power LED Keeps Blinking

Powered on my WD My Clound EX4 and its been booting up for days with the power light blinking and a message ‘WELCOME TO WD MY CLOUD EX4’ on its display. It has 3 disks configured in JBOD mode and I’ve tried resetting several times, but it just won’t respond. The web interface comes up, but I get a message ‘The system is booting up, please wait.’ when I try to login. Its been this way for days.

  1. Is there anything I can do to get the device up?
  2. Would I be able to access the data If I transferred the drives to a fresh WD My Cloud EX4 device?

Thanks in advance for the any feedback and links to similar issues.


Make sure the drive is plugged in directly to a wall outlet just to make sure it is not a power issue.

I believe you should contact WD Support directly in order to get assistance with your second question.

Thanks Hamlet.