WD EX4 won't boot

We lost power for a half hour or so. Now my EX4 refuses to boot. The front panel just says “Welcome to WD My Cloud EX4,” but no disk activity, and no response to any of the front panel buttons. I’ve tried pulling the power input for a while and then re-inserting. No improvement.

The thing semi-regularly freezes up like this, but cycling power has always gotten it back. Now it’s just a brick with a small static readout on the front.


Hi, I got the same anomaly. Nothing to be done… and no more under warranty :frowning:

If anyone has I idea ?..

Well, turns out, I left it powered off overnight, and when I powered it back up it came up normally and now is running fine. Doesn’t seem like a reasonable failure mode, though, and I’d sure like to know what’s going on. And if there’s a way to either prevent this or recover more quickly. No Ctl-Alt-Delete available. :slight_smile:

I submitted a service request and got a response to the effect that I should include logs, but at the time the thing was totally catatonic.

Anyway, you might try leaving it powered off overnight and see if it recovers.

Hi dwillcox,
i left it also unwired overnite (even 2…) and powered again !
As for you, everything went back into nominal running ?
Just Happy, but it disturbs me not to understand !
I’m waiting for the support info.