New ex2 doent run

I got a diskless ex2, arrived today!

O bought 2 red wd disks (wd10efrx) compactible!

I plug everything, the nas start to run, all leds are blue and the power blink blue. After some time the power turns yellow blink and the rest stay blue stable. What i can do? the lan leds are ok.

Thank you

Hello freskhu,

A yellow power LED usually means that some type of action needs to be done with the drive. This can commonly happen if there is an issue with the Ethernet cable so I would try a different cable and see if that resolves it. I would also connect to the drive’s dashboard and see what action may be required there. Since you put in two drive they may need to be configured so they are part of a RAID. You should be able to connect to the drive’s dashboard by typing the drive’s IP address or name (http://wdmycloudex2) into your browser addresses bar. If you have the My Cloud software it should give an option to connect to the drive too so that you can configure it.

You need to read the manual for the drive.  It doesnt sound to me like you have configured anything.  You cant simply slide in two new drives and expect it to take off.  You need to tell it whether you want to configure them as JBOD, Raid 0, Raid 1 then follow the prompts to complete the configuration.

So to summarize;

Determine the IP address of the drive

Type that address into your browser and connect as Admin

Configure the drives to the type of array you prefer

Setup any other options you may need. (Admin password, Cloud access, Alerts, etc…)