Hard drive lights out, power led flashing yellow

Tried to setup brand new MyCloudEX2. Installed two brand new WD Red 4TB drives (nasware 3.0). PLugged in ethernet cable (attached to gigabit switch), plugged in power cable. The unit starts up, all leds flash, 2 hd leds turn solid blue, power led flashing blue. Power led then turns flashing yellow, stays that way for a while then hd leds go out and stay out. Power led continues to flash yellow.

The unit is assigned an IP address and can be accessed by dashboard. But dashboard shows no firmware version, just says UPDATE. Diagnostics states NO Configured Volumes. Anyone have an idea what’s wrong. Thanks

Please see -> http://community.wd.com/t5/WD-My-Cloud-EX2/EX-2-Dead-on-Arrival/m-p/829297#M1981

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Thank you. That solved my problem!!!