Network Profile - Status No Internet access - Moved To New Router

Hello everyone!

I am a IT grad looking to figure out why this device’s dashboard status is showing up as “No Internet Access” even though I am able to access the device from the cloud. This error started happening after I moved and changed my router.


Network Profile
Status No Internet access

I have an EX2 Ultra which is currently connected directly to a different (new) router. On home page, my cloud access says “Connected”. Upon pressing Firmware on the home page, it says Error “Unable to check for updates. Please make sure your device is connected to the Internet and try again.”

When I check settings → Network, the status is “No Internet Access”.

My system logs show the following:

I have it set to DHCP (pingable), with IPv6 off and have port forwarding to HTTP set. My local shares are ok, I am able to access the WD device shares through Windows Network Share.

I read somewhere that if you change routers, you may have to use the device system restore option, but I would like to check if someone knows better before I go ahead and try this option.

I am currently running the latest firmware 5.21.104 (somehow my device is being able to download it because I have it set to Auto Update).

I have tried quick test and system test, all pass, as well as rebooting the device.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks all!


Hi @vietknight,

A No Internet Access status indicates the My Cloud device is unable to reach the Internet.

  • Verify the My Cloud device is physically connected to a router, and not directly to a computers ethernet port
  • Verify the router doesn’t have firewall rules or parental controls that may block access for unknown or unclassified devices
  • Verify the network doesn’t require a web proxy for Internet access
  • Verify the Internet is reachable with the computer’s web browser
    If the computer doesn’t have internet access, reboot the router, and the computer
  • If the IPv4 Network mode has changed from DHCP (default) to Static, verify the Subnet Mask, Gateway IP Address, and DNS servers are correct for the router. If you are not sure of these settings, reset the IPv4 network to DHCP and power cycle the My Cloud.

Please refer to the article My Cloud No Internet Access Message: