What does One do when

One is not getting through to the My Cloud Folk. I’ve tried to explain

means this setup=Noworkie.com because
It’s trying to make my router a DNS server and it’s not and can’t be as my ISP supplies my DNS information @ 205.171.2 or 3.26 Hello!

Question, s’il vous plait; I suspect I need to open a SSH session but I’m not familiar with it. If it’s Cisco IOS compatible I can figure it out. Please advise.

Hi @Vinny_GoomBatz,

A No Internet Access status indicates the My Cloud device is unable to reach the Internet.

  • Verify the My Cloud device is physically connected to a router, and not directly to a computers ethernet port
  • Verify the router doesn’t have firewall rules or parental controls that may block access for unknown or unclassified devices
  • Verify the network doesn’t require a web proxy for Internet access
  • Verify the Internet is reachable with the computer’s web browser
    If the computer doesn’t have internet access, reboot the router and computer
  • If the IPv4 Network mode has changed from DHCP (default) to Static, verify the Subnet Mask, Gateway IP Address, and DNS servers are correct for the router. If you are not sure of these settings, reset the IPv4 network to DHCP and power cycle the My Cloud.

For more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:


Are you still trying to use the old Desktop app?

Domain Name Definition (techterms.com)

Domain Definition (techterms.com)

Domain Suffix Definition (techterms.com)

My Cloud OS3 End of Service | Western Digital

I’m not an expert but I have a working knowledge of Networking. I set up my router to only provide the basic 802.11ac functionality. The only difference in my connectivity is that it’s connected through a fast ethernet switch, 10/100. I believe cat0w is on to something as I have had issues with logging on to a new account, locked and/or bad credentials, and first, unknown to me at the time, used the old desktop app. At this time I have a WD My Cloud shortcut on my desktop pointing to a reassigned IP. The old EX4 unit is offline so obviously, it didn’t detect anything. At this time I’m assuming I have to get the New Desktop app and I won’t be able to do this until My Account @ WD is in order. Please advise.

See reply to Keerti_01.

I’m familiar with the end of service, https://www.westerndigital.com/mycloudupdates. I’ve used the WD store coupon to get the My Cloud EX2 ultra unit which I’m attempting to get connected w/o success at this time. I will look into the links provided above and also get my accounting fixed. After that, I assume the New desktop app will be available. Please advise.

Have you gone to mycloud.com ?

Click on, tap, or activate image to enlarge it.

You may want to check out the sub-forum for your device too.

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