EX4100 - No internet access

As happened with our My Book Live Duo and our My Cloud, the EX4100 we just installed today show “No internet access”. Any idea why? Any idea how to activate?

Hello GleasonFan,

  • How did you connect the drive with the Internet router? Is it connected directly with the Internet Router or Is there any switch connected between the My Cloud EX4100 and router?

  • Are you getting “No internet access” error while trying to access dashboard or mycloud.com? If the issue is related to mycloud.com, I would recommend you to try login to the device remotely using different browser or in the in-cognito mode of the browser.

  • Is your internet working as expected?

If you are setting up the device initially, you can refer the link given below to setup the My Cloud EX4100 using the dashboard.


As my original message states, I had the same problem with my WD My Cloud and my WD My Book Live Duo. If I tried to do anything from the control panel that required internet access, such as updating firmware, I received the no internet access message. I just checked again and the dashboard says no internet access. I’m guessing the internet is working as I’m on the community website now. It didn’t matter if any of the units were connected directly to the router/modem or to the switch I still received the no internet access message.

Is the front LED on the device is solid blue?

If yes,

You should try to find the IP address assigned to your my cloud device using “arp -a” command using command prompt.

This way, you can also try to access the dashboard of the mycloud device.

I’ve no problem accessing the device. I just want to know why the dashboard says no internet access.

Sounds like a DNS or routing issue.
Check this KBA https://support-en.wd.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/242

Thank you for the tip but WD says the KB article is no longer available.

I think you NAS is ping IP address to see if there is internet access. If it can not ping it then it would state “No internet Access”

You should try to ping from your computer and also from your router is it has that option.
If both can ping then try to ping from your NAS using SSH access.

Pinged Four packets sent, four packets received.

then it is something else. As I remember a year or two ago. In the firmware it check for IP to determine if device has internet access. I might have to download the firmware again to look in to it.

But from the look at it, are you sure you ping from the NAS SSH? Four sent and four received is sound like from Windows. Mac computer and NAS “Linux/Unix” ping an IP until you cancel it. Make sure you ping the IP from within the NAS “your device”

And how does one ping from the NAS SSH?

Go there to enable your ssh and setup a password.
Next download Putty https://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/latest.html
Open Putty and type all the info like NAS IP address, username, password, port should be 22
Once connect type “ping” without quote.

Once login using SSH connection, please don’t do anything else or type anything that you don’t know. Certain commands might kill your NAS.