Need to downgrade firmware. Where to download older version?

Device is My Cloud Ex2 Ultra

Suddenly since yesterday, there has been problem where I cant map the drive letter to my device using SSH

It has been causing severe problems since many of my folders on my PC are symlinked to the NAS

I am assuming the automatic update to 5.25.124 on Nov 29 is causing this problem

I am trying to find file for previous firmware 5.24.108 and manually downgrade, but it appears WD likes to cause inconvenience to users and doesn’t upload their firmware to anywhere on their website

Does anyone know where I can get the v 5.24.108?

I need it too. The update broke user passwords. Cannot save passwords.

You can download the older version from here

After installing the latest firmware, I have a similar problem. I formatted my drives, a very long process 4 TB) and once it finished I created a share and assigned the existing user. The newly created share could not be accessed from macOS Ventura. Only when I changed the access right of the share to Public I was able to access the share. I will downgrade.

@Jubal_Harshaw Would you create a ticket for the issue you have and attach My Cloud Logs as well.

Submit a case using the below link

Use the below KBA to generate a My Cloud Logs

I identified that the issue was the macOS. I removed all entries in the keychain that pointed to the NAS. There was also an entry for the time machine that pointed to the NAS, I believe it was the culprit.

WD Smartwave app also cannot find our NAS after automatically updating to
5.27.157 firmware.

automatic update : most of us wait and read comment here before doing a WD firmware update
and do a backup before doing that update.

I did not have a problem using WD access or a manual direct connect after the update.

WD has a long history of botched firmware updates, so disabling automatic firmware updates, and waiting to perform manual firmware updates is the best course of action.