Need Guide on Transfer Speeds on EX2

I recently bought EX2 - for media streaming purpose and keeping temporary youtube projects on NAS.
Using extra WD Green 1TB.
My home is hard-wired with CAT6 Fiber and have Gigabit Routers in use (1) AC68U (2) Dlink 825

My current observations:

Wired Transfer: 11-12MB/s (96-100Mbps) Upload / Download speeds through and from from Windows PC(HardWired)

Wireless Transfer: Download 11-12MB/s ““Upload”” : 60-90+MB/s (480-720 Mbps) from Macbook ; Here upload speed is satisfactory.

Android Device: Download - Upload speeds : 15-20 MB/s


  • Is everything normal? As I am new to NAS I want to first clear that out.
  • I am surprised to see upload speeds on wireless interface is more than upload on wired (gigabit network) - I have double checked speeds before posting it here.

Hello drmjp93,

It seems that you are good with the networks. Moreover, you can have a look on below article for more details about network configuration recommendations.

Thanks for the reply and it answers my questions.