Is 45Mb/s Upload Speed on LAN Acceptable

Insterad of reinventing the wheel myself I am hoping that others have more experience with the following 4 questions.

I am transferring 79.2GBytes of my own MP3 music files from a locally connected Win8.1 SATA2 HDD to the MyCloudEX2 RED (NAS) WD 2TB HDD. [EX2 configured as JBODs w/2 RED HDDs]

Transfer speeds are averaging under 45Mb/s (bits not Bytes) upload and around 1Mb/s download. 

The WD QuickView panel is telling me that the estimated completion time to be around 3Hours and 30Minutes.

#1 >> Are such transfer data rates (speeds) normal for the MyCloudEX2 that is connected thru a 5 port router that is part of the ADSL modem?

#2 >> Would using a Network Switch rather than a Router actually achieve higher thru-put?

#3 >> Since I have two separate RJ45 NIC (1000Base-T) ports on my Asus MoBo, would using the 2nd NIC as a dedicated connection improve the transfer rates?

#4 >> Would switching over to this second NIC cause any potential external (WAN) access problems if I am outside of my LAN?

I am hoping that some of these questions may also assist others in the future and I hope the ‘Subject’ line is descriptive enough for future search queries!

for me most upload speed is about 70MBps with big files, and for small files like mp3 files it decreases to 20-30MBps

#1,2,3>you didn’t mentioned to your router’s ports speed, You MUST have a Gigabit/Swicht Router to achieve such speed , further more transfer speed will be decreased if you connect to the ex2 over WIFI

if you want to  test the download and upload speed of your EX2 , connect it straight to your asus device which you said it has Gigabit Ethernet port.

#4> using your second Ethernet port doesn’t effect on anything, it should be on the same IP range and subnet to see your wd ex2 , so it is not needed .

For external access to cloud it depends on your network architecture , in most ISPs you have one public IP and your local network is behind the NAT ,so external access to your cloud is possible from your WDcloud app. Unless you set up port forwarding in your router

Thank you for the reply,  david001,

Upon the completion of the copy job, my calculator is telling me that this 14.5 hour upload of 361GB of MP3 files averaged 55.4Mb/s sustained transfer rate (via wired-LAN).

WD_MyCloudEX2 is connected to the router that is part of the U-verse (ATT/PACE)  Model 5031-NV modem and it is spec’d to have “Four 10/100 LAN ports”.  In turn, the U-verse modem is connected to one of the Gigabit NICs of the desktop PC.

Relocating the WD_MyCloudEX2 to the second NIC (w/o using the U-verse modem router) is something that I have to experiment with at a later date, to learn about that whole NAT issue resolution, if any.  But that will have to wait until I start streaming HD video files to my SmartTV that is part of the NetGear AC500 Powerline network adapters that patch the upstairs PC system with the downstairs multi-media/entertainment system.  Although I am using a wired-LAN (not WiFi), I hope I don’t start experiencing video “stutter issues” that others are reporting here.


I am exprimenting to increase wifi speeds within the house as follows, and still wanting to improve further. Hoping info is helpful. I am new to these gadgets with not much technical know-how.

  1. Connecting to old PC with 802.11g (54Mbps), uploading speed (music WAV formet) to EX2 is 2.6MBps.

  2. With TP-Link powerplug 4230 kit (802.11n, wifi 300Mbps, actual 265Mbps), 5.5_6MBps

  3. With TP-Link powerplug 4230 kit, ethernet wired 100Mbps, similar 6Mbps

  4. TP-Link T4U USB adapter (802.11AC, 867Mbps, n 300Mbps, “reading” actual speed AC 5GHz 780_867Mbps), 16MBps (happy but needs more). All above tests are using old PC with wifi device specific selection/connection.


a. Router is Asus RT-87AC, connecting with WDEX2 8TB by ethernet wire 1000Mbps

b. Movies/musics streaming for watching/listening from EX2 through Oppo 103D by wifi USB adapter (n, 150Mbps) & later with ethernet wire 100Mbps from powerplug. Very smooth Streaming. Not knowing the speed…

c. ISP is stable 24/7 at 20Mbps up/dwn

d. Router: No forward port is set. In relay mode. (Don’t know how!)

e. Router: n radio 2.4GHz with channel 3+7 at 40 MHz for attained design speed of 450Mbps; AC radio 5GHz with channel 44 at 80 MHz with design 1734Mbps / actual 780Mbps by T4U, so high speeds are set.

However, using PC as the wifi client to transfer music files from one place to another WITHIN the EX2 showed very slow transfer speed of 1.5MBps. Need help, please!


i). The 16MBps upload transfer speed from PC to EX2 by T4U is through high speed USB 2.0, but not USB 3.0.

Tested file transfer speed from ext HDD USB 3.0 to PC through USB 2.0 port is about 32 MBps for big files > 200MB.

Planning to add a multi-port Pcie USB 3.0 card to PC for enhancing higher data transfer speed. Hoping can get higher transfer speed, it is possible as PC is having 2 empty Pcie slots?

Still need to test external HDD USB 3.0 Seagate 2TB with EX2 connected next to each. Any comments and help, please?