MyCLoudEX2Ultra not accessible after changing to static IP

Hello to the whole forum.
I did a stupid thing: I changed the IP system from DHCP to static. Although my NAS has now the same address it had before, it is not accessible in any way, neither from my Mac nor from a PVR which used it to store files.
Is there a way to reset the NAS without having to format it again? Before this problem, it was formatted in RAID1 (with 2 disks, of course).
And in case it is not possible, could I extract one of the in order to try to read its files (maybe through the USB port of the NAS itself?
Thanks to everyone because there is all my videos there…

This subforum (My Cloud) is generally for the single bay My Cloud units. Because you are using the My Cloud EX2 Ultra, you may want to post your question to the dedicated My Cloud EX2 subforum where there may be people more knowledgeable with the EX2 Ultra.

Thanks! I hadn’t found the specific forum. And, anyway, the fact that Ex2 has got 2 bays is not the main issue, in this case, and probably it can be considered a general issue.


I have moved the thread to the correct board

Sorry, as I had that reply I thought I should post again in the correct section. So there must be two identical posts now! Actually almost identical because I added something in the new post. So maybe is better to delete this thread?