Difference in IP range between Router and MyCloud EX2

Hi, this is my first post and I’m not very technical (sorry).
I have a WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra 2x 2Tb disks. I have recently changed my router due to the old one giving up. The problem I have is that the Router Ip Address (in the LAN settings) is 192.168.1.xx and the IP address of the NAS box is 192.168.0.xx.
I’ve tried accessing the NAS through the MyCloud portal, but I’m told that it is offline, however, all lights are blue. I can’t see it in the Finder window, I can’t map to it and as stated can’t access it through a browser.
Quite clearly it is a router issue, but I’m stuck now.

It sounds like the NAS is setup for a static IP address.
Can you reach the NAS Dashboard by typing the ip address in the address bar of the web browser?
The is NOT the WD cloud portal.

If you can. . . log in and make change the IP addressing and change it from “Static” to "DHCP.
( I don’t have my device running right now; so I can’t dig in further)

If that doesn’t work for you . . . can you get to the router configuration menu; and change it’s IP range to match what the NAS is expecting?

Final option would be either the 4 second or 40 second reset (look this up on the support webpages); these WILL preserve data but will reset various configuration settings.

Sorry - - - can’t help more proscriptively at the moment.