New router. Now cant connect to MyCloudEX2 Ultra and config Plex, etc

I just had my internet upgraded from 100/100 to 500/500 and they swapped out my router for a new one.
Now I cant access my MyCloudEx2Ultra

The old IP address on the old router was in the form of
the NEW router has the IP adresss as as the main.
Looking in the UI for the router, I dont see the NAS/Mycloud listed even though I have it directly connected to Port 1 on the Ethernet router.
How do I find the new IP location of the NAS so I can log back in and so I can recofigure my Plex music streaming and Plex DVR to record my shows?
On my Windows 10 PC I dont see the MyCloudEX2 ultra listed as a network drive either as it was before.
Please help. I had it all setup properly before but now I have no access. I have all my FLAC music files on my NAS and so I will NOT be doing any sort of reboot or stating over as its takne me months of work to get where I was.
the NAS is still using OS3 FYI.
thanks in advance

So. . .static IP or DHCP?

If static IP. . .was it assigned at the NAS or at the Router?

All blue lights on the NAS?

My guess: Guessing you have three blue lights, and had a static IP assigned from the NAS. Probably sitting at the old IP address. . .and you “should” be able to reach it by typing the device name or ipaddress in the address bars, as before.

If that doesn’t work. . .perhaps the new router doesn’t like accessing devices across subnets (earlier versions of OS/5 had this issue).

As a first trouble shooting step. . . I would change the routers IP pool to the same you had on your old router.

Second step: Look up how to do 4 second and 40 second resets. I know the 4 second reset doesn’t affect data. Can’t remember the extend to the 40 second reset. . . but it’s easy enough to lookup.

(Note: I once had configured static IP’s from local devices. I now have stopped that as a “bad practice”, and assign static IP addresses at the Router - - -which completely avoids this type of issue)

PS: Jealous. . you are clearly not in the third world country that I live in (the US). I have two providers; both offering 25/5 service. To get 100/10 requires tripling my monthly costs.

Also jealous. I’m out in the country and very happy to get my 12/1. Anyway, I may have a similar problem, so I’ll start here. Router fried by lightning last fall, service call by ISP, new router. When setting up my network speaker this weekend, I found that the EX2 Ultra is no longer discoverable by the Riva Arena as a Media Server. I used to be able to be out on the pool deck and access the NAS and play music out there. My desktop PC is discoverable and I can use that for music, but I would like to be able to get to my EX2 Ultra to play content from there. EX2 Ultra shows up as a Network Storage Device on my PC, but not as a Media Device.

Yeah I was able to do the 4 second reset to reset the admin password and reset it back to DHCP instead of static IP without losing any data. hank God. After I was able to get back into the WD UI config screen I was able to set it up again to a static IP and then changed the Admin password. works all good now and so does my Plex music server. I got an email from WD Support telling me how to do the 4 sec reset before I saw this post. thnaks

Just a word of general advice. . . . .perhaps it is best if one sets the static IP from the router and not the NAS. This way, if something happens to the router, or you do something to the network configuration - - -you don’t suddenly lose all access to the NAS.

Found this out the hard way when I was commuting a NAS between two networks. . . and was doing VPN connections between the two networks. Yeah; things were getting a bit confused. Finally had it all straightened out when I put the two networks on different subnets (192.168.0.x vs 192.168.1.x) and assigned the nas boxes static IP’s on each network. (from the router configuration menus)