Can't access MyCloudEx2 after changing to static IP address

I kept having problems accessing my MyCloudEX2 so decided to use a static IP address. I followed the Dashboard onscreen instructions using the current Dynamic IP address and the default DNS (i.e. not Google). However, after the settings were saved, I can no longer access the shares from Windows 10 - does not find the device or using the My Cloud app. I also cannot access the dashboard.

Is there anyway of gaining access to the system or am I looking at a complete reset? While it would be a pain to resync the computers with the NAS, this would not cause a problem in principle. However, while my 3 shares are continually synched on my two computers, there is a potential problem with my son’s share as I know that there are files on his share that are not synced with his computer.

Is there a solution for regaining access to the MyCloudEX2 or have I screwed the NAS and need to resort to the little reset button on the back of the unit?

Grateful for any solutions / advice anybody can offer.

Hello exspextations,

You should try to check after performing 4 second reset on My Cloud device as it will change the network settings back to DHCP.

Sounds like you may have fat fingered the IP settings?

Before doing the 4 second reset, I would log into the Router and see if you can find the IP address the device is using. Once you know that address, you should be able to get to the dashboard (although, not being able get into it from Cloud app is a bad sign).

I assume you tried simple “pull the plug” reboot?

Thanks to asp73 and NAS_user for your support.

While I cannot rule out ‘fat fingers’, I’m pretty sure that I input the IP address correctly. However, whatever the reason - I was locked out.

I tried the ‘pull the plug’ reboot - that didn’t work, but the 4 sec rest did and I’m back fully connected.