MyCloud OS3 - Yellow Flash/Solid Flash/No LED but still connecting

Sorry if this is repeat post but my MyCloud OS3 (Old School 3?) is acting weirdly.

The other day we had a short power outage and when the power came on the MyCloud Dashboard wouldn’t come up.
I unplugged/replugged the unit back in to restart it. It flashed yellow for a bit, then went solid yellow, then the LED just went blank.
From my Windows 11 PC I could still see and access the shares (over my home Xfinity wireless network) and open folders and files. Although performance is super slow.

So I’m just wondering is the unit churning through some background process post-power outage?
Since the console isn’t working are there any command line methods I can use to figure out what is going on?


Are you able to get to the Dashboard now? If yes, what does it show?

My Cloud Personal Storage User Manual (

What specific My Cloud device do you have? A single bay model or multi bay? Note the My Cloud Home device is completely different and doesn’t use OS3 firmware. If single bay is it first gen (P/N on bottom of unit ends with “-00"”, or is it second gen (P/N on bottom of unit ends with “-10”)? If second generation the unit may have updated to OS5 v5.x firmware in which case the OS5 indexing can take a significant amount of time if it has started indexing the hard drive.

Can you reach the My Cloud Dashboard using the IP address of the My Cloud unit?

Was the power outage due to a lightning strike? If so its possible the device may have sustained damage or the operating system became corrupt due to the power outage.

Try to restore factory settings - maybe it will help.

Thanks for the replies and suggestions.
It’s a single bay “MyCloud” device.
The P/N number ends with “-00” so first gen according to your definition. I think I bought it in 2016/2017 time frame.

I usually use the URL to get to the dash: https://wdcasitacloud.local/UI/. (I changed the name of my drive early on). I have the manual open and TBH I cannot locate the reference to the IP address. Any clues how I can find it (Windows11)?

To the others who responded here - I cannot get to the dashboard at all. I get a “Problem Loading Page” error. So if there is an alternate way to factory reset the unit without losing my files, pls let me know.

Power outage was not due to lightning. I’m in California where we don’t typically have thunder/lightning storms. The power just went out on the entire house for about 1 minute and then came back on.

I did a “tracert” command and located the IP address:
I can ping the device and it responds.
When I attempt to use that in the browser address line I get the same “Problem Loading Page” error.

If you haven’t done so already you may have to try a 4 second reset, and if that doesn’t work, then a 40 second reset. Generally a 4 second or 40 second reset is not data destructive and will not impact user data on the device.

My Cloud OS 3: Pin Reset & System Only Restore a (single bay) My Cloud

Thanks. Giving this a shot now and I’ll let you know how that goes later.

Well. I did both resets - 4 sec and 40 sec.
Light is still solid yellow - and then it just goes off after some period of time.
No dashboard - I used both the custom name for the drive and the wdcloud.local URL.
The drive is no longer connecting when I try to get to it from Windows Explorer.
I have a spare network cable I’m going to see if changing that out makes any difference. Maybe an air blowout of all the ports, etc.

It’s not wdcloud.local after a 40 second reset. Its one of the following:

Enter either the name (or IP Address ) of the My Cloud device into the URL field of the web browser. For example:

Check the administration page for the local network router/gateway to see if the My Cloud is obtaining an IP address or is being listed as a local network device.


Again many thanks for looking at this with me. Highly frustrating.
Still getting time out/not available when I attempt to get to the Dashboard/Console.
I checked the router and the device shows connected - although it is still showing with my “WDCasitaCloud” name and not as the “WDMyCloud”.

I changed the cable. The network port is blinking on the MyCloud device.
On start up, the LED still is solid yellow and then after some time it just goes out.
The drive is definitely ON - the network port is blinking and I can feel the drive spinning and working when I put my hand on the box.

I’m just wondering if the device is totally bricked if I did a hard factory reset and the response hasn’t changed - or just gotten even worse.

Usually when the single bay My Cloud is bricked or not functioning the front LED will be red. It’s possible the blue element of the front LED has burned out. Its a fairly common issue reported here. For those who have had the blue color burn out their My Cloud’s continue to work as normal. Many have used SSH to modify the My Cloud firmware files to change the blue indicator color status to green. One can find a number of past discussions on changing the LED color by using the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon top right).

Can you access the My Cloud by it’s IP address (obtained from the router) using a web browser and using either Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder?

If the single bay My Cloud is totally bricked then one can try to unbrick it using one of the various methods discussed in the many unbrick discussions here. It may be possible to push the “img” files from the unbrick files to their respective partitions rather than go through the entire unbrick process that typically involves erasing all user data. One can use the forum search feature to find those many other unbrick method discussions.

I’ll take a look Bennor.
Again, thanks. (1.6 KB) (1.4 KB)
twonkymedia-log.txt (465.7 KB)

I just noticed a bunch of log files on my local drive dated 6/6 which is pretty much when all this started.
Maybe there is a clue in here?

The drive is completely unaccessible after 40-sec hard reset.
I can see an IP address when I look at the devices on my network but I can’t ping it, let alone sign into a console over the browser.

More weirdness from my MyCloud.
I’ve put things aside for a bit.
Today I went in an enabled SMB1.0 CIFS File Sharing on Windows 11.

  1. I can see the drive on my network
  2. I can use Windows Explorer to connect and see the folders and now I can get to the files
  3. The webUI/console still does not load - now it is just spinning a lot but not timing out


  1. Even though I thought I reset the drive to factory, it still shows up on my network with my custom name wdcasitacloud
  2. I can open folders and files but it is very slow - almost like it is indexing or some service is running as it is opening the folders, etc

Any thoughts now?

Have you previously made any unofficial modifications to your My Cloud? If so perhaps one of those modifications is causing issues.

As a troubleshooting step disable any browser add-on’s or browser extensions and try loading the My cloud Dashboard. Could be an add-on/extension is preventing the Dashboard from loading properly. Also check any security software on the computer to see if it is interfering with accessing local network devices. One could connect the My Cloud directly to their computer, if that computer has an ethernet port, as a troubleshooting step and see if the issues persist.

As previously indicated one could use one of the unbrick methods to push the “img” files used in the firmware to their corresponding partitions, overwriting the existing firmware and see if that fixes the issue. That process would require one to remove the My Cloud internal hard drive and connect it to a computer running Linux or a Linux driver. Or it could be the drive is going bad.

No. No unofficial modifications. I’m not that good.
The only thing I’ve done is renamed the device which is a config not a modification.

Today the performance on the drive seems to be back.
I can get to it quickly from my Windows Explorer UI. I even used the Files app on my iPhone and was able to connect, open files, upload files from there (directly from my iPhone).
I used GoodSync - was able to connect and do a file mirror/backup which I haven’t been able to do for two weeks.

The last thing I’m trying is to access the dashboard. I tried Chrome today and using I actually got past the timeout/server not available/server not found/endless spinning behavior and got to the graphic “Accessingd MyCloud” page.

It hasn’t proceeded past this “waiting” page for several minutes, but now I’m hopeful.
Is there a way to use cmd line to restart the webserver on the device?

I’m completely stumped. It’s like the device was doing a 2 week long job. A rebuild or a reindex or something. Is there a log folder somewhere I can examine or perhaps send along to figure out what the heck has been happening.

Generally one can access the My Cloud using SSH to gain access to the root level of the firmware to issue CLI commands. However, one has to have previously enabled SSH in the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings section first.

Other options are to extract the hard drive from the My Cloud enclosure. Attach it, using a powered USB to SATA adapter/docking port or spare SATA port, to a computer that is running Linux or a Linux driver for Windows. From there one can copy their data off the drive if needed. Once one has access to the drive they can run a scan on the hard drive to ensure it’s not damaged. One could even follow one of the unbrick methods to try and restore an older firmware to the unit to regain Dashboard access.