My Cloud light flashes, goes solid on, then goes off

I’ve one of the original My Cloud, it’s disappeared from the network and when I power cycle it, the light flashes, then goes on then after a couple of minutes it goes off. I suspect this isn’t great! I can hear the hard drive working, so it’s not completely dead, but any ideas if this can be salvaged?

What specific My Cloud model do you have? Check the P/N number on the bottom.
What troubleshooting steps have you tried? Have you tried using a different Ethernet cable? Have you tried connecting the My Cloud to a different Ethernet networking port on the router/gateway?
Can you access the My Cloud Dashboard? How to Access the My Cloud OS 3 Dashboard
What color is the front LED when it flashes before it “goes off”.

Some WD Knowledge Base articles explaining what the various LED colors and their state indicate:

What Do LED Blinking White, Blue, or Solid Amber Mean on My Cloud?

My Cloud: Blinking Blue Drive LED

My Cloud: Solid and Blinking Red Power and Drive LED Status

If one has a single bay/single drive My Cloud (not My Cloud Home) one can extract the My Cloud internal hard drive and connect it to a computer running Linux, Linux boot disk/flash drive or a Windows Linux driver to access the data partition that contains the files/data stored on the My Cloud. If one’s computer doesn’t have a spare SATA and power connector they can obtain a USB to SATA adapter or docking station that are designed for 3.5 inch HDD.

One can use the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon top right) to find many past discussions in this subforum on how to “unbrick” a hard drive (existing or new) so it will work in a single bay My Cloud enclosure.

Hi, thanks for the reply; as far as I can tell, it’s the first My Cloud. I’m afraid I can’t help you with the colour - I’m colour blind - but I took the cover off and the hard drive is hot, and a flashing light is symptom of overheating, so I suspect the drive is overheating and then shutting down - it is around 10 years old.

My 1st generation My Cloud front LED hasn’t shown as blue in several years. It still works. I have mine setting on top of my desk where it can stay at normal temperature. See image below. Click on, tap, or activate image to enlarge it.

As previously indicated, can you access the My Cloud Dashboard?

Hi, no it never appears on the network - it disappeared a couple of days ago and I just tried a power cycle today; then I looked up the flashing light and one of the causes was overheating - that’s what I suspect; when I took the cover off, the hard drive was hot. As it’s getting on for 10 years old, I think I’ve got my money’s worth - I’ve ordered a My Cloud Home to replace it.

The My Cloud Home is NOT a replacement for a My Cloud. The My Cloud Home uses a different operating system and has different features/options (in some cases fewer options) than teh My Cloud line of devices.

Other basic troubleshooting steps, beyond those mentioned above, for the single bay My Cloud.
Check the local network router to see if the unit is obtaining an IP address from the router’s DHCP server.
Perform a 40 second reset. Pin Reset and System Only Restore WD My Cloud OS 3

Thanks for the advice; I’m using the NAS to back up my hard drive and keep videos so I can watch them with Kodi - as long as it appears as a hard drive on my local network, that’s all I need. I don’t turn on remote access.