My Cloud 6TB drive

I have a 6tb my cloud drive (white color), and I can’t access the drive. The indicator light just flashes and will not turn blue. Hopefully it’s not bricked. Any thoughts?

@Michael_Harris Do you know if you have a 1st or a 2nd generation My Cloud? What color is the LED. What are the LEDs on the rear doing, if anything?

You may want to post your topic in the My Cloud sub-forum.

More information is needed. What color is the front indicator flashing? What specific My Cloud model do you have? Is it a single bay/single drive model? Is it running the first gen v4.x or second gen v2.x firmware? Can you access the My Cloud Dashboard using the My Cloud’s IP address? What other troubleshooting steps have you tried? Has anything changed on the local network? Like using a new broadband provider or using a new network router?

The light flashing appears to be red and white. The model is WDBCTL0060HWT. It is a single drive model with an ethernet and ssUSB interfaces. As for the firmware I can’t provide that because I’m unable to access the dashboard. Other troubleshooting steps taken are using a different power adaptor and resetting my network router. I recently experienced a power surge and since loss access to the dashboard.

Access your router’s administration page, and check to see if the My Cloud is obtaining an IP address. Usually the router’s DHCP server section will have a listing of client devices and their IP address.

One can determine their single drive My Cloud version by checking the P/N number on the bottom of the My Cloud. If the P/N ends with “-00” then it is first gen, if the P/N ends with “-10” then it is second gen.

Thanks for the assistance on this issue, It does appear the My Cloud did have an IP address before this issue; I do recall the My Cloud showing up in the network section in Windows 10. The P/N ends with “-00” so got first gen firmware.