MyCloud is losing connection

Hi, All. Trying to use MyCloud as my NAS but I am not happy with it. I am hoping I am doing something wrong as I really want to use this device.

Problem is MyCloud keeps losing connection.
I got it all setup and hooked up to my router at my work and I can see the system on my network and able to access it from my computer which is wired to same router. I go out and check with my phone, I can access it. (Not very fast but I am sure it has to do with my network upload speed)
I can access and back up my photos or files when I am out But just when I am happy with it, I CAN’T access it anymore. It says I don’t permission or don’t exist. So i go back to my work, try to access using but it says not responding. (I am on same network and wired) I see myCloud solid blue but I reboot, wait a minute, then it works again.

This has been going on over 4 months and I don’t think this should be it and not very stable.

I even added port 80 and 443 as instructed but same thing. Is there anything I should do? Am I missing anything?

I’m having a similar problem. I didn’t have this issue before, but lately my EX2 NAS is very unreliable. If I try to upload files the NAS will eventually just go offline. I can’t find it and have to do a soft reset. Also, when I go WD Quick View I see some additional drives/NAS profiles that are either old or default. My NAS is greyed out. I’m wondering if this is a firmware issue, but the NAS is very unstable now.

Very unstable. Very frustrating.

My EX2 shows has a slow blinking power light that is blue. Can’t wake it using WD Access app on my Mac or WD Quick View Application. I can’t access the Dashboard either. I think it is a problem with the server software. This all started with an firmware update a few months ago. Otherwise the EX2 worked relatively reliably for the last three years.

I ended up turning off the hard drive sleep mode by going to the settings panel in dashboard. I think it is part of the general setup. It seems to have “fixed” the problem. I’m able to get pretty consistent access to my NAS not when I’m on my network as well as when I am remote. Not sure if this is a true fix, but the NAS seems to be working.

I have been experiencing the same problem for some time now. I’ve just turned off the sleep mode and hope that will resolve the issue. Thanks!

I have had this same problem. The device doesn’t seem to stay connected long enough to fully reset. This device has become unusable. I sent a support query a few months ago and heard nothing back. Is there any remedy available?