Lots of issues with my MyCloud EX2 Ultra

Hi all,

I am having a lot of problems with my MyCloud EX2 Ultra and really regret I bought this NAS!

First of all I am having problems with the MyCloud app. When I try to open the app, there is no connection with the NAS. I get an error message: Network connection failure (907).

I have setup my NAS with a static IP address.

Secondly I have an admin account on my NAS protected with a password. I have noticed when I want to open the web page of my NAS the password is switched off!??

When I check under notifications there is a critical notification: Drive failed in slot 2. Replace the failed drive.

The two blue HD LED’s on the front of the NAS are on.

This NAS is two years old now and I am really disappointed that one drive is failing already!

Should I have to replace the drive?

Any help would be really appreciated!

Hello Nick_66,

First, you should check the performance of My Cloud after 4 second reset. If issue still persists, then contact WD Support for replacement.