My Cloud EX2 Ultra - starting to regret this purchase

Second time in three weeks that my EX2 ‘loses’ it’s connectivity and I am unable to access it from within my home LAN and I need to re-boot it (which means - physically disconnect it from the power). Totally unreliable product that I cannot 100% depend on.

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Double check your network connectivity – Make sure the cables are firmly seated and maybe even try a different one.

Make sure your firmware is up to date.

I’ve had an EX4 for many years now (runs the same software as the EX2) – I’ve never once had it go AWOL.

I have the exact same experience, and I am getting pretty annoyed as there is no instruction in the manual for this, nor to be found online. I purchased mine 2 days ago, and while this is my 3rd WD NAS, this seems to be the most disappointing one. I am actually getting ready to send it back, and to purchase a different brand. How did you fix your probs?

For anyone questioning: excellent internet connectivity, firmware is up-to-date, as is my MBP (1 year old) on OS Mojave.

@sbi @mauricebakker have you contacted support?
If not, please open a support case and provide the My Cloud EX2 Ultra System logs. I’ll also forward this thread and have someone private message you.

I have the latest firmware (although I had to search for and install it manually as the NAS fails to connect to search for a firmware). My LAN connection in the house is perfect, no issues at all. When I “reboot” the device, meaning unplugging from power, it works fine for a week or so, although it is slower than it was before (when I click the NAS mapped folder in windows explorer, it takes a few seconds for content to show up, as if it’s waking the NAS up. ). It also takes forever for me to be able to login through a browser (see below).


It just takes forever.

@sbi have you contacted support? If not, please do so and provide the system logs as previously requested.