MyCloud Gen2 custom apps mini repository

Hi all, I just want to share some custom apps I’m using in my devices. Perharps someone may find them useful too.
You need to follow instructions from the post: WD MyCloud Gen2 - Enable apps install tab + Apps!, to enable app instalation.
Very special thanks to Fox_exe :grinning:

  • WDMyCloud_Adminer_4.2.5.bin – MySQL management in a single PHP file
  • WDMyCloud_pawfaliki_0.5.2.bin – Wiki in a single PHP file
  • WDMyCloud_phormer_3.3.1.bin – PHP-Based PhotoGallery Manager whitout MySQL
  • WDMyCloud_phpMyAdmin_4.0.10.18.bin – Updated and repacked from WD app
  • WDMyCloud_phpSysInfo_3.2.6-1.bin – PHP script that displays information about your system nicely
  • WDMyCloud_Sitebar_3.bin – Bookmark Server
  • WDMyCloud_Transmission_2.92-1.bin – Repacked from WD app, fixed configure web button
  • WDMyCloud_WordPress_4.7.bin – Updated and repacked from WD app
    (more apps and updates in the repo)



PS: All the applications work and I’m using them right now, but of course I do not assume any responsibility if something goes wrong. :mask:


how do you enable these? I am pretty basic when I comes to SSH. Any help would be great.

Hi, follow instructions here to enable ssh.
Then you’ll need a program to connect to the device, on windows you can use putty:

Execute putty.exe, make sure it’s on ssh mode and port 22, then write the ip or hostname of the MyCloud device you want to connect to and press “Open” button. Use “root” as user and the password you setup when enable the ssh server before.
You are now logged in the device and can follow the instruccions to enable the app installer in the other post:

Hope this helps, salud.

so how do I download the files (define.js).

They are in the links at the beginning of the guide.


do I need all the files or just the .js file. My browers will not let me download the .js file it just opens it??? Sorry for all the questions

and where it says “local” do I type local or something else, like the IP address of the WD Cloud drive?

No worries :slight_smile:. You can right click when the file it’s open in the browser and you should see an “Save as” option somewhere there.
The “local” thing in the commands is a directory name, so you should type/copy-paste them as is (and double ckeck they are identical before pressing return).


OK, I did that but it putty says that it can’t find the file?

Please read carefully the guide, it’s says you need to put define.js in the Public share of the MyCloud device.


I did put it in the root of Public. where it has shade music/vides’s/pictures

MediaWiki 1.23.15 it’s now in the repo and I made some fixes in other apps:

  • WDMyCloud_MediaWiki_1.23.15.bin – You need to copy the generated config to “/mnt/HD/HD_a2/Nas_Prog/MediaWiki/web”. Subsequent updates/reinstalls will preserve the config.
  • WDMyCloud_pawfaliki_0.5.2-2.bin – now uses symlinks
  • WDMyCloud_phormer_3.3.1-1.bin – now uses symlinks
  • WDMyCloud_phpSysInfo_3.2.6-2.bin – now uses symlinks
  • WDMyCloud_Sitebar_3-1.bin – now uses symlinks, fixed config preservation during updates/reinstalls.


Can i upload these packages to my sites?

Its may be useful:


Generate package for all devices

for model in WDMyCloudEX4 WDMyCloudEX2 WDMyCloudMirror WDMyCloud WDMyCloudEX4100 WDMyCloudDL4100 WDMyCloudEX2100 WDMyCloudDL2100 WDMyCloudMirrorGen2
echo “Making package for $model…”
…/mksapkg -E -s -m $model >/dev/null

Rename .bin123456 to .bin

DATE="date +"%m%d%Y""
find …/ -maxdepth 1 -name “.bin” -exec rename ‘s/(’$DATE’)//g’ {} ;

Sure! and thanks for the script :smiley:


@hashashin, thanks for the files.

I recently bought the WDMC gen 2. I’ve successfully installed @Fox_exe 's mods. However, I wish to play with the Milestone Arcus app but I can’t find it for WDMC. From the other thread, looks like we can repackage the app from other WD NAS, but I lack the knowledge to make one. Could you please tell me how to do the repackaging?

Besides, can we remove the default transmission in the firmware?

TIA for your kind attention and help.

You’re welcome @B30nda I repacked the app and tested it a little bit, it’s in the repo now.
I also added two widget/apps with twitter and facebook timelines from WD, just for the lol :sweat_smile:


Wow, thank you so much @hashashin for your quick response ! :+1:

Will download and test after I return home.

New app in the repo WDMyCloud_CustomAppList_0.2.bin which it’s a “works for me™” hack to make the app installation list to work in Mycloud Gen2.
Install it as a normal app then refresh the apps web page and press the “+”, a list of apps in my repo should appear :slight_smile:. To force update the list just disable and enable again CustomAppList in the web ui and refresh the web.

@Fox_exe can I add the apps in your server to that list too? Thanks.


Just want to report that Milestone Arcus worked perfectly in gen 2, though I have some hard time to play with the setting as my onvif ipcam is not in their official supported list :joy:

Thanks for the help hashashin

Btw, could you please also make the Aria2 an app for gen2 :pray:

Hi @B30nda,[quote=“B30nda, post:19, topic:190332”]
Btw, could you please also make the Aria2 an app for gen2 :pray:

I’m glad it’s working, about Aria2 that’s not like the others apps, repack and go or simple web apps. That means cross compile and so.
Not fun :relieved:
But there’s a cool chroot way thanks to @Fox_exe. You can install aria2 server in the chroot, then I can make the webui of aria2 as app for the MyCloud device, fair enough? No ETA but I can do that if you want to.