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I installed some apps thru the My Cloud interface onto the network drive, i look at the network drive and i don’t see any folders for the apps installed.
Where exactly are they located?.

I’m using a Windows 10 Pro system.

What apps did you install?

Some or most apps will be installed at the root level that users generally won’t have access to using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder. One may need to use SSH to access their My Cloud at the root level, then navigate around to see the actual app directories and files. Note: One can easily render their unit unusable when using SSH to proceed at your own risk when using SSH.

that is where i installed the apps from, i need the physical directory location

I installed PhpMyAdmin, it requires the config file to be present to enable saving settings.

I computer two volumes into one volume so, one big drive,

where do i enter that statement ? using windows 10

You will need to use SSH to access the My Cloud at the root level if you need to modify the phpmyadmin configuration file. If you don’t know what SSH is and how to use it, then some internet searching to learn how to use it will be needed. For Windows users one can use Putty ( or WinSCP ( to access their My Cloud using SSH. The My Cloud OS5 user manual ( has information on how to enable SSH using the My Cloud Dashboard.

Are your apps showing in the list of apps in the Dashboard? What is showing if you click on one? See example image below.

Actually, I do k know exactly what I’m doing, not so much with NAS, yes the apps show up, I repeat, PhpMyAdmin need a physical config file to save its settings, which, under NAS, is not straight forward how to access, under the Windows system, I can go directly to said file and edit as needed.

BTW, Please be nice, not everyone has extensive knowledge in networking.

Do you own a WD MY CLOUD WDMyCloudImage ?

**Look at this that comes from the Knowledge Base about installing PhpMyAdmin. **
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Thanks, that is where i installed PhpMyAdmin from, and configured it. But once inside PhpMyAdmin the settings are static, once the program is exited, settings are lost, hence the reason to edit the config file externally which from my understanding ssh is required to access it…

October 19


**Look at this that comes from the Knowledge Base about installing PhpMyAdmin. **

I found the My Cloud OS 5: phpMyAdmin Blowfish Passphrase Message article particularly amusing, and quite indicative of WD and their “support”.

The phpMyAdmin app installed from the WD App store does not include a value for $cfg[‘blowfish_secret’] in the ‘phpMyAdmin/’ file.

Rather than writing a bit of simple code and updating the phpMyAdmin app to automatically generate a unique Blowfish secret phrase for each installation, the WD “solution” is for the user to do it themselves.

The value of $cfg[‘blowfish_secret’] can be set in the ‘phpMyAdmin/’ file via ssh by the end user.

WD also neglects to inform the user that the installation performed by the WD phpMyAdmin app is half-baked, leaving the user to finish the configuration and installation by creating system users and a required system database themselves. Otherwise, the phpMyAdmin installation won’t be fully functional.

You did not say if you own a WD MY CLOUD or not. That is what I own, a 1st and a 2nd generation WD MY CLOUD. From what I read the phpMyAdmin will not work on them. See image below.

Yes, I Have My ICloud, PhpmyAdmin is restricted to local host, even the photo shows that.