How do you set up GIT?

I want to use my WD CLOUD MIRROR as a GIT repository to store my source code.

I have installed the GIT app from the Apps page of the wd admin dashboard and I have enabled ssh. I have downloaded PuTTY as I am using windows and can connect to the device using the sshd username and default password.

What’s next? where’s the wd documentation on how to set it up? can anyone help me please?



Welcome to the Community. I have never tried this since this is not supported. But lets see if any other user has tried this and can share a comment with us.

How can you say it’s not supported when it’s a third party approved app the you can install via the apps page in the admin dashboard on the wd page and advertised on the product pages on the wd website?

Hi dccloud, the My Cloud Mirror has a list of apps you can install, however if you need more information on how to configure the apps we recommend to contact the vendor. Please check page 85 of the manual for more information. 

Note: WD recommends that you fully understand the nature of any app before 

you install it on your device.

Note: Obtain support for each app through the individual vendor.

Hope this link helps:

You will need a basic understanding of the SSH.

It goes something like this:

make a new project

initial commit 

make changes

recommit changes

check in all or check in certain updates

What is it you are trying to accomplish with GIT?

I added the git App as a requirement to be able to easily update other Apps (SickBeard and CouchPotato).

The git App itself should be fully functional. The previous post gives a good summary of how to use.