MyCloud EX4 and internet access / remote access


I have setup my EX4 nas and everything is working fine within the lan.

Now i want to make it accessable from the outside, but i’m having trouble with it.

I have setup Cloudaccess and installed the app on my mobile device.  I can give in the code, and then i can see the device, but i cannot access any share.

Note. If i log in (LAN) on the webpage of my MyCloudEX4, to check everything, i see on different pages the note that there’s no internet connection, for example : Uppertab, SETTINGS -> NETWORK -> NETWERK PROFILE, the status is no internetconnection.

Nevertheless all my settings are correct (i think) and i can check for firmware updates, etc… so the device has acces.

What can i do to resolve the issue, is we would like to access rou documents from the outside.



Welcome to the WD Community. 

When you access from the application, are you able to see the public share? or none of them.


I’ve installed the “WD My Cloud” desktop on a computer IN the LAN, and there i can login and connect to the device, and see all the shares.

I’ve installed the “WD My Cloud” desktop app on a laptop OUTSIDE the LAN (ona a remote location), and there i cannot connect to the device. I starts and then says : “,Sit back while we connect to the device (WDMyCloudEX4)” for approx. 2min, and the says “Can’t connect to this device”.

Any help is welcome,



Hi Jo,

It took me a minute to work this out also… 

If you cancel the connection attempt “sit back while…” it will come back with a message sayign "failed to connect to the device, but at the bottom right of the screen you should see some menu options:

search for devices…

show previously connected devices…

connecto to devices with activation code…

connect to devices with login…

I use the last one (connect with the login) 

It will then ask you for your email address and password (case sensitive) and should start connecting.

Hopefully it will find your device if your device is connected to the net.

Obviously, the computer you are trying to do this all on must be connected to the Internet… :wink:

Let us know how you go.


Thanks for the tips, but i get the same result.

I can see the device, but i can’t connect to the shares. See screenshot 1, underneath.

If i try to cnnect with the last option “Connect to devices with login”,

i get the login request.


I fill in my credentials, and clik “sign in”


And after a while, i get the error message.


Any help is welcome, as i am gettig desperated !!!


I still think the problem has to do anything with the line i see when i log in on the console, under for example network, there’s always mentioned “no internet”.  Nevertheless the device can chek for updates, firmawares, etc…