MyCloud EX4 Remote Access ?!?


just bought my WD MyCloud EX4 and I’m already impressed! I have just a few questions about the ways of how to access my date remotely:

  • I logged in to the interface successfully and my EX4 is online. When I click on EX4 icon I was expecting a kind of explorer where I can navigate thru my stuff. Instead, I’m getting to the screen where I can download the WD Mycloud software for my mac and iOS devices. Is there online way thru to explore my data?
  • Is there a way on how I can access my EX4 with just standart OS tools like a FTP connection from a 3rd party PC or MAC outside of my network? I read about establishing a FTP connection. But what adresses do I have to type in in order to access my EX4 from the internet?

I’m asking these questions because I’m trying to find out ways to remotely access my data from a public PC on the internet spontanously without havening to install the WD Mycloud software on each public device.

Thanks in advance and sorry for my newbie-like-questions!:smiley:

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It does support FTP as it shows in the manual.  You might have to forward ports in your router.  

#1) No.  The EX4 does not use WD 2go.

#2) Sure.  The EX4 supports FTP and WebDAV as well. 

OK, thanks for you help!

I activated the port forwarding on my router for the EX4. Which address should I type in my FTP program to access my EX4 now?