Remote Access Issues

The WD EX4 at our office was working fine a few days ago now none of the users can access it unless they come into the office.   No firewall settings were changed on my end to affect this.  I have noticed that since we have updated our Desktop software for WD MyCloud EX4 it hasn’t been as reliable but now it is completely down if you want to access remotely.   Are the WD servers down and if so when might they be back up?

With the new Desktop software I have also noticed that it seems to want to use an Activation Code or the access instead of the the user access I created on the cloud and before that worked fine.   What is the best way to access the WD MyCloud remotely using the newest version of the Desktop app?

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the Community.

I’d recommend changing the network configuration settings for remote access to manual with different ports.

I am going to try and do that over the next few days and I will update you once that is completed.