MyCloud android app

I am missing something with this. First if I try to upload files/folders, they take forever to start. It shows “in progress” forever before they finally start to upload. Secondly, I have another app that I use for scanning. After scanning in the app, I select share and point to share with my MyCloud. When I go to my MyCloud app, the file shows up under “downloads.” I am expecting this file to go to my WDMyCloud device. This is the same as I would do for Dropbox, but the file would showup in Dropbox. What is up?

Galaxy S6, Android 5.1.1, My Cloud 4.4.1, My Cloud drive 4TB with latest firmware.

Hello there,

Does this happen over wifi only or also on your data plan?

Have setup to only sync over wifi.

Do you get any type of error on the phone ? I have an iPhone, since its a different mobile system, I have not experienced this, lets see if another user can share some information or tips on this matter.