Android My Cloud App Sync not Working but Drive accessible

I am using the My Cloud app for Android on my phone to connect to the My Cloud Ex2 Ultra.

The connection is fine both locally and remotely, but very slow.
However, the “auto Sync” for the Camera Roll doesn’t work on either local or remote connections.
Locally it is able to upload a few images before it fails.

There is no error which occurs, the files simply state to be uploading, with the status “waiting for upload,” however, nothing happens/ gets uploaded.

Remotely I am unable to even manually upload files to the drive. They too remain under the “waiting for upload” status.

I am able to locally and remotely access all the folders and files on the drive, yet uploading does not seem to work.

I am kindly asking your help on this matter as I have found no solution to this problem online.
I am very disappointed with the WD My Cloud service which seems to have been working better with the older series of drives. I am happy to change my mind on this when the problems (speed included) are resolved.
Kind Regards and many thanks.

Do you face any issue while uploading the files from

Most of the times it works very well, however once in a while with large files (<10gb) it fails to copy all.
Also for remote uploads via it is often really slow and in some cases doesn’t upload at all, simply remaining at the upload screen.