My Passport Wireless Pro won't recognize SD/USB anymore after using MyCloud app


I bought a few days ago My Passport Wireless Pro, and I was ready to ask a replacement because SD cards and external USB drive were recognized only once in a while, when I found something weird I couldn’t see reported in other treads.

It seems like that after the wireless hard disk is accessed through the app “MyCloud” (I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S7), it somewhat became unable to read external USB or SD card. I’m not just saying that I cannot see the contents of the SD/USB on the app, it’s actually the hard disk that won’t mount them because even the automatic backup or the backup from SD card triggered by the button doesn’t work. This problem won’t go away even by powering off and on the hard drive, it still won’t recognize external storage.

The thing that solves the issue is opening the dashboard from a PC (I have a surface with windows 10). After you open the dashboard, the drive will became once again able to read SD/USB. This will work without even powering off/on the device.

Fortunately I can still access the files on my smartphone through the FTP connection (in that case the hard disk will keep mounting the units fine), but I cannot configure it for example to connect on a different WiFi network.

At these conditions it’s still usable for me, but I guess this is quite a big bug, I’m the only one experiencing it or it’s a common issue? I hope it will be solved soon, because if the hard disk for some reasons would go on the app-caused-dumb-state while I’m travelling without the PC (main reason why I purchased this product) I would have a hard time restoring its functionality…

Does the WD support read this forum or I should report the bug elsewhere? Let me know if I could do some other tests or provide other data to clarify the issue.

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Have you referred to the complete user manual at all? You need it no matter what, so you understand the device better. Downloadable from WD Support for you device.

Also, you seem to be having unusual issues and should contact WD Support directly. This is a user to user forum.


I’ve throughly red the user manual but found nothing about it… At first I thought I was doing something wrong but that wasn’t the case

Thank you for your reply, I will contact support


Hello, I have the same problem after using the andriod app. After connecting to iOS app begins to works again.


I did some test and I noticed that not every android phone do this problem. My xiaomi mi 5 do it an other xiaomi mi A1 don’t.

To resolve the problem is also possible to connect to the dashboard in Chrome with the same phone and restart. After works until I use again the app.


thank you! connecting to the dashboard from my phone worked to me. Now I can rest easy even when I bring with me the hard disk without the computer


Hello! I have the same problem.
But I can not access the dashboard from my smartphone. I have Android and use Chrome.
Can you give me some indication?

Thanks so much!



Connect to the hard disk wireless network and use the following link on your phone’s browser:


Thank you!! Wonderful!

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