My Passport Wireless Pro 4TO and Surface Book dosn't work


I have a problem with my new Passport wireless pro and my Surface book with a usb connection.
With the wireless connection, it’s work very well. But with the USB connection, windows dont see my disk.

I try with another computer and its ok no probleme to see my disk. So i don’t understand why.

Maybe they are a probleme with a microsoft surface book ? I have another WD my passport and they works fine in my Surface book.

Any sugestion for me maybe ?

Thanks a lot for your answers :slight_smile:

First of all ,have the MPWP off and use the USB3 cable that came with the unit and plug the drive into the computer’s USB3 port. Have the desktop showing on screen for a clear view of the drive options window to open in. You should be able to see this option menu box in less than a minute. If you don’t see it then, use Windows File Explorer: Open it, and look under Computer (not Network) for it. You should see My Passport as a drive. If you don’t ,then check the complete user manual for MPWP or with WD Support for help.


I have the same issue. My WD Passport Wireless Pro 3TB doesn’t work with my Surface Book (Gen1).
I tried several USB 3 cables (including the one supplied with the drive) without any success.

At one point I was able to see the drive in Windows Explorer but I was not able to reproduce that behavior since then.
The drive is neither visible in Windows Explorer nor in Disk Manager.

My Surface Book is the only device that has this issue. Other laptops and desktops are able to see this drive. Nonetheless I owned a lot of hard drives from different manufacturers and this one is the only one that cannot be read by my Surface Book.

What should I do next?

Same issue with my Surface Book Gen 1, everything works well on others computers,
I see online somes posts with this problem.
I find that it works if you plug the WD Passeport wireless in the Surface Dock Usb, it could be a solution.