Can't get mypassport wireless set up on surface pro 3

I’m not a Windows person, but (usually) understand enough to install software, connect peripherals, etc. I’ve gone through the manuals – both the one that comes on the drive and the one online, installed the Quickview software (which was the only software that showed up on the drive) and reinstalled it using the most recent version from the website. Under “apps” there is an icon for the software, but when I click it nothing happens.

I am leaving on a trip tomorrow, and mostly want to be able to plug the device into the surface pro to be sure photos I’ve downloaded to it have in fact been saved. I also want to be sure the drive isn’t automatically deleting the photos from the card when I download them. Without being able to access the software, I can’t do anything.

Can anyone help? Please?



I recommend you contact support directly for assistance with this issue.

Contact WD

The wireless setup went very easily for me. On first ocnnection I was asked to set a passord for the connection, and had the option to change the MPW’s SSID. The wireless connection has worked flawlessly since.

I would suggest, given your short time available, that you reset the MPW System (don’t reset the disk, see the manual for the difference), and once reset, start the process again. All passowrds and the SSID name will be reset so it should detect your connection as a first time conection again.

Also, use the Surface Pro to connect to the MPW just as you would connect to any new wireless network, and then use the web interface not the App to access the MPW, change the wireless password and SSID if you like. The MPW will then restart, you will need to reconnect, then change other settings. Plus UPGRADE THE FIRMWARE if the MPW doesn’t already have the latest firmware.

When the MPW is working fine through the web interface, then try connecting through any of the Apps.

An ALTERNATIVE is just to use it. I’m pretty sure the default was just to copy files from the SD card when the WiFi button was pressed, and not delete files from the SD card. Of course you could easily do a quick check at home to see if it deletes the files on the SD card. Just backup the card first on you PC or Surface Pro, take a few photos, then back then up on the MPW, then check if the card still has the pictures.

You do really need to test the MPW and get familiar with it before relying on it for photo backup. Maybe backup to the Surface Pro this trip, and get the MPW sorted for the next trip.