Cannot find Passport Wireless with Explorer


I have an issue with my Passport Wireless: it is configured correctly and is connected to my home wi-fi network. I have access to the dashboard - the first issue: there is no device in “Connected Devices” (shouldn’t it be “me”?)

In Win10, I see two MyPassports in the networks (category Multimedia and Storage): when I open the icon, which looks like a mp3-player, in multimedia it opens the browser with the Twonky Server (IP … : 9000). When I open the one in Storage, my Chrome opens the dashboard.

When I create a shortcut in the dashboard, I get following error when I try to open it: \MyPassport\Public. The specified network name is no longer available.

I cannot find the HDD with SmartWare neither - only WD Quick View shows some details (free size, temperature, …)

Can someone help me? 

Welcome to the Community.

We have passed along this information to WD Support. On the meanwhile, which firmware version do you have installed on your unit? And do you encounter the same issues when using other computer systems running Windows 7 or Windows 8?


Has there been a solution to this problem? I experience the exact same situation.

MPW connected to the home wifi - but not showing up in the explorer in win10. With an older version of Windows it is working properly and I can access the drive. Just not with the devices using Win10.
I am using the latest Firmare (updated today).

Any solution to the problem? Thanks


Same problem here but with using Win 7 on a laptop and Win 10 on a Surface Pro 4. I updated the firmware to the latest version on January 5, 2016

If I can’t get this working this drive is useless to me and it will go back to the store.

I have our MPW wirelessly connected to our router. and I can see MPW in my explorer/network area on my wifes Win 7 laptop, and it used to show up in same area of my win 8.1 laptop. Both of us could easily transfer files back and forth to it. Now since I upgraded this laptop to win 10 I can no longer see MPW in the network area. I can see it in the storage area of explorer and am able to right click and select map this drive whereupon it will show as an ip and I can xfer files there but thats not what I want and really like it the other way. Come on WD give us some firmware that works properly with Win 10. Thats your job isn’t it…grrrrr

I have the same issues (can’t map, and can’t access from the shortcut it sends to desktop) with a drive on my win 10 laptop, but the drive is fully visible and can be mapped to my Win 10 desktop pc. Its infuriating but no solution yet I see.