My Could Failed to Connect to Device

Hi, I’ve got a problem with a colleague unable to access my My Cloud from an outside PC or phone and I’m stumped as to why!

When she tries to access the drive using the WD My Cloud application, it gives an error saying “Failed to connect to device” along with a pop-up error message saying “Can’t connect to this device”.

She has tried to login via, but could not remember her password and could not get the page to load when clicking on forgot password.

I know from past experience, that sometimes the cloud access can appear to be working fine if you are connected on the same network, so tested for myself being in an outside location and was able to access the drive without any problems. So I am assuming everything is ok with regards to the port forwarding on my router? According to my router, I do have two ports being accessed by the My Cloud ip address.

My colleague has been able to access her shared folder for several years without a problem. She did recently move home, but she is reporting the same problem at work too.

So far we have tried using the iOS app which also would not connect, so this would possibly rule out her PC being the problem?

As mentioned above, it would appear her router isn’t blocking anything as she also has the same issue when using it at work.

I’ve toggled the cloud access button off and on inside the My Cloud dashboard as saw that suggested in a few other posts. Also on the dashboard, I can also confirm that under the connection status I have port forwarding connection established.

Because my efforts to narrow down the point of the problem have failed, I thought it’s time to ask for some help and suggestions on here :slight_smile:

If there are any suggestions I can give her to try or test I would be most grateful!


Since you are able to access remotely while she can not despite trying at work and different devices, then we need to look at what failed attempts have in common: Her account.

Try creating a new User for her, resetting her permissions and sending the activation/invitation E-mail once more.

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Good call, I will give that a shot!