Error: "Failed to connect to the device"

Generally, my 2TB MyCloud device has worked well from home and on the road using Windows 10 and also my Android app. On my current trip, I suddenly cannot access my device from either my laptop or my smartphone. Of course, without access, I cannot navigate the dashboard remotely to play with any settings there. A person at home was able to reboot the router. I received a system email telling me “the system has restarted,” and all was good … for a couple of hours. Remote access to my stored files is important, and I cannot count on someone being home to constantly reboot the storage device while I am traveling. Can anyone suggest a permanent fix for remote access?

Update from today, 2/25/2017: I had our house-sitter reset the MyCloud device again today. This time, worse. No remote access via laptop/wifi AND no access via smartphone using wifi or 3G LTE phone network. Anyone know what’s up?

Make sure to set a static ip on the unit to help with the connection.

Not sure what could be the issue on this case. How are the lights on the unit and on the back of the unit?

Thank you, ERmorel. It is difficult to implement any changes or potential fixes from 1,400 miles away, since lack of remote access is my current issue. I did have the house-sitter do a soft reset a few days ago, which restored remote access for a couple of hours. It’s been months since I’ve had remote connectivity problems, so it caught me by surprise on this trip. From what I’ve heard, the lights are normal. I will try assigning a static IP address when I get home, but that sounds odd, since the My Cloud device is hard-wired (CAT 5) to my Verizon FIOS router/modem.