HELP! WD My Cloud remote access not working

Please bear with me, I’m not too tech saavy. :slight_smile: I am having trouble with setting up the remote access on my new My Cloud. Works fine on all devices on the network, but no remote devices. I spoke with tech support this morning and my ports 80 and 443 were closed. I have these open now, however, still cannot access the cloud from any remote computers (for any users). Performed a hard reset. I’ve called tech support back and they have escalated it to the next level of tech support, waiting on a call back. Any advice?

If everything is set up right in the Dashboard for remote access how many of the computers/devices are connected? See example image below.

Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

Thank you so much for your time! I have 2 devices connected under my username, but both from the same network as the cloud is on. I can’t get any devices connected from remote locations/access.

How are you trying to connect when away from your network? Is it by or the mobile app?

We have tried both:, mobile app, desktop app. None will connect.