WD Mycloud - No Internet Access

Hi all,

I have just purchased the 4TB My Cloud and setup went fine however I constantly have no internet access. I have a mybooklive on the same network and I can access those files remotely no issue. I have a billion router and have tried all four ports and it just will not connect. I have remote access setup for the user but still no connection and cannot connect through the app.

Am I missing something here? If I change the cloud access settings on the configure tab then refresh it connects for about 20 seconds then drops and shows no connection.


<img [Deleted - privacy]

Try changing your unit’s IP configuration to static, and Remote Access settings to a manual configuration. If a manual configuration using ports you know are open and not used by another network service is not fruitful work then I’d recommend a factory reset.

Hi, all seems to be working now. I messed around with port forwarding and it is now connecting. Just took ages to do it.