My Cloud Setup No Access

I have been trying for the longest to setup the MyCloud backup and, each time I do, I get to the login page where the username is already filled in as “admin” and the password is blank, but I have no password, leaving it empty doesn’t work and I never setup anything as I have never been able to get past this part of the setup. Any ideas? Chat was useless and I have not received a call back from next level support.

I was unaware you could use OS/5 without a password.
This might be a glitch.

Try setting (or resetting) a password. Is the username “admin” correct for what you are doing?

Perform a 4 second reset to reset the administrator password back to default (blank).


The process is Not Data Destructive.
It will not impact data or shares on the drive.

Option A: 4 Second Reset (with Power On)

A 4 second pin press will reset the:

  • Admin Password (no default password, new password enforced)
  • Network Mode (default = DHCP)

The 4 Second Reset will only reset the Admin Password.
It will not reset the Admin User Name if it has been changed to from the default name admin.
Use Option B - 40 Second Reset to reset the Admin User Name.


What are you seeing when you get to login?

Image One


Image Two

Is there a black X beside the username?