My Cloud recent firmware update Rapid Flash Blue light and gone from network (Gen 2)


I used recuva once to recover deleted files in windows. or maybe hook the bare drive up to a linux computer and share it over the network to grab your files.


The thing is my cloud no longer powers up…


I figured this all out. After going through all the steps I figured out I have a Gen 2 Mycloud. I found the restore (i thought) after 2 solid days of trying everything and hitting walls. I decided to try the one I was avoiding because it was something I never did before. This one worked and you usually don’t have to remove the drive from the case.

0. Download these files: (Original firmware) (USB Boot Restore)

  1. Use any USB Flash drive, format it to FAT32 (Important!)
  2. Unpack usbrecovery.tar.gz to this drive (You will get “boot” folder and 4 files inside)
  3. Plug this USB drive to WD MyCloud, turn on power. Wait yellow-red (blinking) light.
  4. Connect via Telnet (Search IP in your router, under DHCP section. or use network IP scanner)
  5. Format HDD if need: (Sometimes you need to Work from a clean drive or it won’t boot into restore mode)
    EDIT: (To make things faster you can copy paste each line below into telnet and hit enter for each, (Copy paste ONLY one command at a time though))

parted /dev/sda
mklabel gpt
mkpart primary 1049kB 2149MB
mkpart primary 8591MB -1MB
mkpart primary 7517MB 8591MB
mkpart primary 2149MB 3222MB
mkpart primary 3222MB 4296MB
mkpart primary 4296MB 6443MB
mkpart primary 6443MB 7517MB
mkswap /dev/sda1
mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda3

  1. Install original WD recovery and reboot:

mkdir -p /mnt/usb /mnt/root
mount /dev/sda3 /mnt/root
mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/usb
cp -r /mnt/usb/boot /mnt/root/
cd /mnt/root/boot
rm uImage uRamdisk
mv uImage-wdrecovery uImage
mv uRamdisk-wdrecovery uRamdisk
cd /
umount /mnt/root /mnt/usb
reboot -f

  1. After reboot get old IP address using Network IP scanner
    or router DHCP Table. Access Web-GUI (Recovery mode) via this IP.
    Use original firmware (.bin file) here.

You can format the internal drive in the raid GUI that keeps popping up when you log in to the mycloud GUI… Click the check box to run the alternate raid set up for single drives. It goes to a scan right away, scans the drive, formats it and you are back in business…

Done! Thank you Jesus!


Thank you, I will try this, did this wipe out the data?


I think so. I had to remove the partitions to get it to even boot from the USB. The original partitions were making it hold up for some reason. Let us know if it works for you.


Do you know how long it lasts?


I guess only time will tell. I bought a UPS to hook it up to as it was a power outage that killed it the first time when it started giving me problems.


It turns out a diode on the hdd pcb has burnt out. My friend is into computers and he is replacing the board and transferring the chip with the operating information off the old one in order to get the hdd to work. The pcb board was £12 off aliexpress. All the information on how to carry this out is on the internet.


My cloud was sent away to be evaluated for the data to be recovered. Because the unit and hard drive had a number of issues it was going to cost £1200!!!
Due to the inconvenience, loss of trust in a single drive, and loss of about 10 years photos and videos - including all the ones of our children, they have offered an upgrade to a mirror drive which i requested.
The support has been good from WD and very prompt. It’s just unfortunate other than £1200 there is nothing that can be done to recover the data.


Just as a reminder how important it is to have at least two backups and one more offsite. These things happen all the time and people still have no backup of their important data. Your hard drive is not safe, never!


I must try my cloud and that is said by my heart.
magisk manager is yet another blog where we can find a lot of information about root apps including the my cloud.


Big lesson learned. Now got a mirrored drive and my friend who is onto his computers is sorting a way to automatically back up to a 2nd source.