My Cloud is Mapped, but unable to Edit any files

I am able to access the WD My Cloud through Windows Explorer as I was successful in mapping the device. 

However, whenever I open a file through Windsow Explorer and try to edit and save, it says ACCESS DENIED. CONTACT YOUR ADMINISTRATOR.  I have verifed that all the folders are open/public without any restricted access.  

I have also tried going into the PROPERTIES of the mapped drive to verify permissions but whenever I try to ALLOW FULL CONTROL, it is still giving me a ACCESS denied for each of the folders on my MY CLOUD. 

Any advice?  Thank you!

Are you sure you’ve set Read/Write (Full) permissions for the user?

Yes, absolutely. 

Same issue, just in the public one, had success once, and can’t get it mapped again. My account have access through the app, but now not the explorer.